Rasmus Thomsen/APKBUILD.vim: updates, new stuff, better

Created Tue, 03 Nov 2020 23:59:41 -0300
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Article by Leo [email protected]

This is an update on APKBUILD.vim: filetype, plugins, syntax and linters for APKBUILDs on vim, as of now APKBUILD.vim is under very active constant development, and it will remain this way until all features have been implemented and there is nothing else to remove.

In fact the development is so fast that the article was outdated the moment it arrived. So lets catch up on everything that happened until 247b647ba47cb9a091020e4e5c4df7894cc05b1d.

If you wish to follow along then here are the commits.


When APKBUILD.vim was started it used APKBUILD as the name of the filetype, this turned out to be out of line with everyone else, if one looks at the filetypes provided by vim they are all in lowercase.

With that we mind the filetype is now apkbuild and (hopefully) every reference has been changed to fit the new name.

Now we look at what changed in each directory that is worth looking at:


Certainly one of the most, if not the most, important part of what APKBUILD-vim provides.

  • In the context of pkgname= single and double quotes are now treated as Error
  • Keywords used by abuild are now matched even if they are not at the root of the document. This means that keywords used in conditionals and functions now are highlighted as if they were at the root of the APKBUILD.
  • Set b:is_posix before loading sh.vim, this is more in-inline with what the ash shell provides while not overdoing it by calling is_bash. This means some shell constructs that are normally used like variable substitution are no longer highlighted as Error.
  • Import 2 variable substitution patterns that are guarded under b:is_bash but are supported in ash and used in APKBUILDs:
    • ${var//pattern/}
    • ${var:x:y}
  • Remove AbuildSubComment, it is no longer necessary and was a filthy hack, sh.vim provides better support for comments and we should use it as much as possible.


  • Register apkbuild_fixer with ale#fix#registry#Add and set b:ale_fixers to recognize apkbuild_fixer.


Only small changes.

  • use the setfiletype function instead of doing set filetype=. This is used by the filetypes shipped in vim to avoid setting it more than once as setfiletype does nothing if a filetype is already set.


  • apkbuild_fixerhas been added for ALE. This fixer runsapkbuild-lint` on a given file then removes all policy violations it knows how to fix.


doc is a completely new directory. Currently, it only contains documentation for using and configuring ALE. It is expected that this will be upstreamed one day and hopefully replaced by documentation about APKBUILD and other things.


We also started the process of upstreaming the 2 linters we wrote that use apkbuild-lint and secfixes-check. You can check out the Pull Request here